About Ioulia

Ioulia vasilaki founded her company in 2018 after a lifetime spent in sales and marketing for the eyewear fashion. Her passion for handmade clothing and fashion ,awakened her curiosity to learn all the process that gives shape to the fabric. She decided to take lessons for pattern making and fashion design in Athens and after the first year she already knew that her passion for creativity had to be shared with the “Ioulia Vasilaki” woman. That woman is authentic and independent. She doesn 't follow trends and attracts attention with her inner beauty and strength.

The collection is timeless and uncompromisingly feminine mixed with masculine forms. The lines are modern with retro touches, giving the sense of going forward through an appreciation of the past. Special attention is given in the choice of the fabrics and the prints ,as well as the pattern making and the tailoring. She wants every piece to be unique so as to highlight the feminine personality.